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October 31, 2017

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Sunday dinners with the family — traditions make us feel comfortable. They bring about feelings of good times and ease. Take a moment, and I’m sure you can think of one or two of your own traditions that give you all the feels. Think about how your traditions have evolved over time. At one point, family dinner may have included immediate family only. But as life happened, your kids grew older and they began to bring spouses and then grandkids along. Maybe they introduced their own traditions such as watching the parade rather than football or tried to slip a vegan recipe into your otherwise meat-hearty feast.

Digital marketing has been around for years, but rather than treating it like the overbearing, know-it-all neighbor that drops by unannounced, we must welcome it like the daughter-in-law that got your son to finally move out (still not sure what she sees in him).

Spread Your Message

You know who your traditional customers are — the ones that connect to the TV spots you’ve been airing for years, hear your voice as they drive to work, and recognize your billboards. These same customers have grown with the times and appreciate your online brand too. They interact with your website and share your message with their family.

Adaptation has always been part of growing a business. We need to stop talking about newspaper, TV, and radio as antiquated traditions that digital marketing will replace. You don’t replace good traditions, you add to them.

Digital marketing is part of the tradition now. Embrace the advantages that it brings. Welcome it to the fold and let it help spread your message to more consumers than ever.

Now please pass the potatoes.

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