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Discovering the right vehicle
As they look for their next vehicle purchase, buyers are heavily researching which vehicle is right for them. Your website (or “digital showroom”) is the first stop for the majority of your potential customers, usually on mobile — and that’s becoming increasingly true for social media as well.

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The power of a connected website

The car-buying journey starts with your website, which should be connected to the rest of your automotive software.

See DealerFire's Connected Websites
Most dealers are spending quite a bit on 'digital retail' because they're panicking. But they're not looking at it end-to-end in terms of giving web users a good experience or funneling those users to the site.

Emily Spellman

Director of Digital Marketing, Circle Buick GMC

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Learning everything there is to know
As they research options and gather data, your customers want to start learning more about pricing & special offers — and they want to do it on their terms. CRM-integrated communication channels like chat, texting, and phone calls are crucial to a personalized customer experience during a time when in-person visits may not be possible.

Starting meaningful (text) conversations

Your dealership can start (and continue) meaningful text conversations with SocketTalk from DealerSocket CRM, an integrated texting tool that delivers seamless connectivity and provides accountability across your sales team.

Explore SocketTalk Texting

Taking control

Your customers want the freedom to choose their pricing & financing options, and with truly connected digital retail software, they can have it at their fingertips. 

See how your dealership can make the most out of our digital retailing tool, Precise Price.

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Validating the next step
"Seamless" is the key to an exceptional experience, and it's what your customers have come to expect. Connected technology helps your dealership move from research to setting appointments to taking a test drive.
DealerSocket’s automated text appointment confirmation is convenient for both the salesperson and the customer. It addresses the way many consumers want to do business now.

Maryann Charbonneau

Training and CRM Consultant, Destination Auto Group

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In the driver's seat

When in-store visits aren't guaranteed, see how the delivery test drive can revolutionize the way you connect with your customers.

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Time to buy
Everyone loves a good match. When the price & payment quoted to a customer via your digital retail tool matches what they see when you desk the deal, everybody wins. When it's time to buy, spending long hours in the dealership is a thing of the past.

From click to quote

DealerSocket CRM's Desking tool gives you the power to connect the data from your digital retail tool to your deal jacket, giving your customer that seamless experience they deserve.

Explore Desking 2.0
The combination of my inventory control feeding into the Desking tool gives me confidence that I'm on the right vehicle at the right price, and I can get an accurate quote quickly to the customer.

Pat Dunn

General Manager, Inskeep Ford

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Returning to your dealership
Restarting the cycle of value after a vehicle sale depends on how strong your data is and what you do with it. Customers who feel truly connected to your dealership will appreciate personalized & compelling messages tailored to them.

Restarting the cycle

Re-connecting with past customers is easy when your data mining tool is as powerful as RevenueRadar.

See how your sales team can easily highlight opportunities and make cant-miss offers to generate valuable return business with these best practices & strategies.

Data Mining Best Practices
RevenueRadar is a gold mine. It sends a notification letting you know your customer is in equity or could qualify for smart payments or interest rates, even service or a trade-in event. And it provides you with those leads right when that event occurs.

Myda Fuentes

Internet Sales Director, Robbins Chevrolet

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