For Myda Fuentes, successfully managing customer relationships comes down to good data and excellent communication. Overseeing both the Internet and BDC departments at Robbins Chevrolet, Myda is on a daily mission to uncover every possible opportunity and streamline the customer experience across departments. To do this, Myda relies on DealerSocket's CRM and RevenueRadar® data mining solution, products she describes as the best on the market.

"Dealersocket is ahead of its time. Anything we could want, the system already does. We're able to customize the CRM to work for us instead of other CRMs that force you into a set way of doing things."

Myda Fuentes

Robbins Chevrolet

Building customer relationships

The team at Robbins Chevrolet uses its CRM's built-in texting feature, SocketTalk, to keep in contact with the people in their sales and service pipeline.

"SocketTalk is our absolute favorite. Even though we call and email our contacts a ton, most of the time, we can't get a hold of them that way. Nowadays, everyone wants to opt into text messages and really wants to communicate with us in that manner," says Myda. Beyond the texting channel itself, Myda feels the real benefit of SocketTalk lies with how its functionality enhances experiences for both customers and salespeople. "We like that we can send pictures and videos right from our phones. It also helps protect the salesperson's privacy, so they don't have to give their personal cell phone numbers out."

Once someone has purchased or serviced with Robbins Chevrolet, RevenueRadar kicks into action, continuously scanning the dealership's database to locate those in prime position to purchase again. "RevenueRadar is a gold mine. It sends a notification letting you know your customer is in equity or could qualify for smart payments or interest rates, even service or a trade-in event. And it provides you with those leads right when that event occurs," says Myda. "You can use the information on that specific customer, and it will give you the vehicle, who they purchased it from, their APR, last service date, estimated payment, really everything."

Putting product into practice, Myda appreciates the strategic approach needed to maximize results from data mining with RevenueRadar. "Using it correctly is to your advantage, especially when you're marketing. It's not an Internet lead that a ton of different dealerships are calling. It's not a cold call. It's your loyal customer base, and you can get them back as long as you stay knowledgeable." On average, the dealership converts 20 new car sales a month from their past customer database.


Monitoring the metrics

The Robbins Chevrolet team uses its CRM's robust reporting capabilities to track the impact of their sales processes and make changes accordingly.

"We've been able to follow the journey of our customers to see how long it takes them to purchase and how they're interacting with us. Through this, we found that we were killing leads too early in the process. We used that information to educate our sales team and work with them to keep leads active longer. Now instead of letting the reps kill their leads, we provide them with scripts or use the CRM to automate emails or prompt manager follow up."

For Myda, it's not just about being able to access metrics, but having them front and center in the system, informing teams and keeping them accountable.

"We're able to customize our dashboard to our exact needs. We use it to prioritize our day and our contacts. We use it to hold ourselves accountable to how many appointments we've created, confirmed, and missed. We're able to separate everything – phone ups, showroom traffic, internet leads. I love having my dashboard setup with the data points that are important to me."


Tapping into the partnership

Beyond software, one of Myda's favorite aspects of working with DealerSocket is its singular point-of-contact customer success model. With it, she's able to partner with her dedicated customer success manager to tackle critical objectives - from software utilization to performance strategies.

"We love our customer success manager. He plays a big role for us. Anytime I have a problem, I just call him, and it’s fixed. He also has a very good, basic way of explaining things to people, even when they’re not tech-savvy, which helps me with the training aspect."

Myda Fuentes

Robbins Chevrolet

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