Just two months using DealerSocket’s CRM produced a 9% increase in gross profit per deal for Indiana’s Inskeep Ford. General Manager Pat Dunn attributes the feat to a smoother, faster sales and desking process made possible by the CRM’s mobile app and next-generation Desking tool.

Inskeep Ford made the switch to DealerSocket in September 2020. Dunn says the decision was based on DealerSocket's strong reputation as a CRM provider. Still, he admits that being an Auto/Mate DMS customer for the last 11 years and the promise of having a deeply integrated CRM and DMS did tip the scale in DealerSocket's favor.

“My dream has been to have one consistent and clean database for customers, which is what the integration between DealerSocket’s CRM and Auto/Mate DMS delivers,” said Dunn. “A CRM also has to be easy to use, and DealerSocket’s Mobile CRM app really attracted me to the company’s platform.”

"My dream has been to have one consistent and clean database for customers, which is what the integration between DealerSocket’s CRM and Auto/Mate DMS delivers."

Pat Dunn, General Manager

Inskeep Ford

Desking made easy

Then there’s DealerSocket's next-generation Desking solution, which operates within the CRM as an in-app program and provides a seamless and customizable workflow. Dunn likes how DealerSocket’s CRM offers multiple ways to pull customer details into the Desking tool, including through the mobile app.

The desking process can start the moment a customer lands on their vehicles of interest. All that’s required is a single click of a button to view the customer’s information, a calculations worksheet, and payment options — all on one screen. Dunn appreciates how easy it is for his sales managers to move from the Desking tool to updating a customer profile or initiating follow-up without ever leaving the CRM.

Dunn notes that the dealership’s previous desking tool was cumbersome and made it difficult to track writeups, and he knew he was missing opportunities. "Our writeups are now tracked through DealerSocket’s CRM," he says, adding that he now has an accurate view of his store's closing ratio since his team isn't waiting for a commitment before writing a customer up. "Just the fact that we have written up a deal is a huge KPI for me.”

“I now know I have an engaged customer if I have trade-in and credit information,” he adds.

More than 80% of Inskeep Ford's deals start with internet and phone leads, so the ability to desk deals remotely is essential. DealerSocket’s Desking tool makes it easy for his team to create and print a proposal in the traditional manner or send it digitally to customers via text or email. The digital form is interactive, allowing customers to select their payment preference and send it back via a submission form. A big advantage is the alerts his team receives the moment a customer interacts with the offer proposal.

“It’s nice to be able to get a proposal in front of a customer that displays taxes, payment estimates, and trade-in allowance in a clean, easy-to-read presentation," Dunn says. “That gives us a competitive advantage over dealerships that tell customers it’s going to be this amount, plus taxes, plus fees, plus, plus, plus. Taxes, fees, and undisclosed charges are anxiety points for customers.”

Dunn also appreciates the Desking tool’s accuracy and transparency. “The combination of my inventory control feeding into the Desking tool gives me confidence that I’m on the right vehicle at the right price, and I can get an accurate quote quickly to the customer.”

That's especially important for a family-owned dealership that has operated in the Greenfield, Ind., area for more than 60 years and relies heavily on repeat business and referrals. Managing customers from one system makes it easy for Dunn's team to work together on deals. “Confusion kills deals, so the more we’re on the same page, the better off we are,” Dunn says.

"It’s nice to be able to get a proposal in front of a customer that displays taxes, payment estimates, and trade-in allowance in a clean, easy-to-read presentation. That gives us a competitive advantage."

Pat Dunn, General Manager

Inskeep Ford

Seamless transitions

Dunn notes that, for the first time in his career, his sales team is equipped with a mobile CRM app that works. He especially likes how the tool's driver's license scanner and Quick Up feature makes it easy and seamless for his team to enter a customer into the CRM, which then feeds his desking process.

“That’s the key thing. Everything just works," Dunn says. “As a manager, it’s so frustrating to tell your team they have to use this new thing if it doesn’t work. If it’s clunky, the frustration level rises, and they don't use it."

Dunn adds that he’s noticed a difference in his sales process since his team began using DealerSocket’s Mobile CRM app to start deals and its new Desking solution to deliver offer proposals. “Going fast always increases gross profit. The longer the deal takes, the lower your profit,” he says. “That’s because the only way to apologize for not meeting a customer’s expectations is by giving up gross profit.”

One metric Dunn uses to track gross profit is the amount discounted from the advertised price. While not a one-price store, Inskeep Ford uses fair market values on all new and used vehicles. Since switching to DealerSocket, the dealership has closed the gap between a vehicle’s asking and actual sales price. Dunn also credits the CRM for keeping his team better organized, speeding up transaction times, and improving customer satisfaction.

The GM, however, saves his highest praise for DealerSocket’s customer support teams for delivering a smooth install process and reliable technical support. "That was my biggest fear because when the install doesn’t go right, it causes trouble. I was relieved by how easy it went,” Dunn says. "Everyone I've talked to at DealerSocket knows what they're doing, can quickly explain what's going on, and can tweak the system however you want it.”

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