The Best E-mail Capture Goal (and how to reach it)

October 9, 2018

I started my career working in dealerships, and to this day, my favorite part about working at DealerSocket is helping implement processes to help my customers sell as many cars as possible using our software.

I recently spoke with a customer whose sales team is capturing about 52% of customer email addresses. He knew this was not enough. “I’d like to set a goal of getting that number up around 70%,” he said.

I told him he was on the right track, but even that goal is too low. Your email capture goal should always be 100%. Everyone has email. It is too valuable to aim for anything less.

The goal is simple, the hard work is in developing the process to achieve it. That process starts with a commitment to the goal and utilizing the data and tools at your fingertips to track your progress.

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