Facebook Changed Its Page Layout: What Is Your Dealership Doing to Adapt?

If there is one constant in the world of social media, it’s change.

That fact was reiterated recently as Facebook revamped the layout of its Pages, including the one that represents your dealership.

These changes won’t prevent your dealership’s Page from being functional or create any glaring problems, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention. Ignoring the update will create missed opportunities to engage visitors, drive them to your website, and gather leads.

The new layout shines a light on some of the most important parts of your page that were harder to find in the previous version, so if you’ve been neglecting your Facebook Page, visitors are going to notice. An outdated page not only is frustrating, it sends a bad message to visitors. Set aside time to optimize your Page in response to Facebook’s latest redesign.

Profile Picture/Cover Photo Separation
Designing an effective Facebook cover photo has always been a little tricky: the profile picture would mask the bottom-left corner of the cover photo. After the Page update, however, you’ll notice the profile picture has been repositioned to the top-left of the Page, independent of the cover photo.

Action: Your cover photo may have been specifically designed to keep the area behind the profile picture free of content. Make sure there’s not a gap where your profile picture used to be. You also have some newfound real estate on your cover photo that might be the nudge you need to create something fresh for your Page.

Repositioned Call-To-Action Button
In late 2014, Facebook introduced its Call-To-Action feature — a button placed over the right side of the cover photo intended to increase conversions, website visits, direct messages, phone calls, etc. In this latest update, the CTA button has been given even more prominent placement: on a small bar below the cover photo.

Action: Simply put, it’s time to add a CTA button if you haven’t already. After the update, Pages without the button appear incomplete, but more importantly, you’ll miss easy opportunities to gather leads, put eyes on your inventory, and create brand familiarity. You can also optimize your button with distinct CTAs for desktop and mobile user, enhancing its effectiveness on multiple devices.

More “Tab” Visibility
For years, all Facebook Pages have had default tabs such as About, Photos, and Videos. These tabs have been moved to the left side below your profile picture, which will lead to more visibility and clicks, especially since they remain visible as users scroll down on the Page.

Action: Make sure the information in these tabs is accurate and up-to-date. People that visit your Page seeking basic information will become frustrated with incomplete or incorrect information. Consider organizing your photos into galleries and be sure to upload any branded videos you might have. If you have tabs created for past events or promotions, delete them to keep navigation clean and concise.


When leveraged properly, Facebook is a powerful resource for your dealership. If visitors find an outdated, incomplete Page, it will cause more harm than good. With a few simple changes and a little attention to Facebook’s changing landscape, your Page will be an extremely visible and interactive extension of your dealership.

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