Hustle at Scale pt. 2: Meet Your New MVP

July 15, 2018

Hustle at Scale pt. 2: Meet Your New MVP

What if you could hire a superstar administrative assistant for every one on your team and – here’s the kicker – not add a single staff member? It’s time to meet your new MVP!

iDMS is a unicorn with that rare combination of brains and muscle. Basically, a total overachiever, who knows what you want to accomplish and delivers it – with a smile – before you ask.

Change the DMS Game

The automation module of iDMS will fundamentally change how you manage your inventory, deals and accounts. We refer to it as “intelligent tasking,” and boy, does it live up to that name. Just like it sounds, this MVP feature automates tasks in your business that previously required a live employee to manually perform.

This is where the idea of scale comes in. Consider the energy output it takes to run your business. Your people are probably already hustling, maxed out on time and resources. You may be asking yourself whether you can sustain this workload. An even better question is whether you can scale. With iDMS, you can do both.

Using your business rules and desired frequency, you can use iDMS to create powerful workflows that run automatically. Translation: They’re complete before anyone has a chance to ask.

  • “Hey, will you transfer those accounts to our RFC?” Already done.
  • “Can you please download our vehicles purchased at auction?” Already done.
  • “Will you let our repair techs know all the vehicles that need work, along with the exact repairs needed?” Already done.
  • “Will you get those vehicles listed on our website and our third-party sites?” Already done.
  • “Can you send out a series of texts and emails to all our new leads from last month?” Already done.

Leverage Software to the Max

Accomplish a lot more, using a lot less. It’s the very definition of leverage! You’ll just need to filter your inventory, deal or account records to include the ones needed for a specific task. Then set it and forget it. For example:

  1. Filter your inventory into a queue that only shows newly acquired vehicles needing repair work.
  2. Add flags to each vehicle indicating the type of work it needs.
  3. Set up an automated task to email the list of inventory, flagged as needing glass repair, to your technician every Monday.

Like clockwork, iDMS will send the list without you lifting a finger. You only need to set up the filtered queue and automated task once, and iDMS will run the task again and again on whatever schedule you provide. When the desired action (in this case, a glass repair) is complete, the flag will automatically be removed so that vehicle won’t show up in your filtered list again.

Your Independent Edge

Can you see the potential here? When you put iDMS – your new MVP – in the game, the possibilities are endless for automating activities in every area of your business.

  • Want to get deals funded faster? Start a queue with unfunded deals and automatically email the list to your finance manager to investigate.
  • Or, create a queue for all deals with missing stips, then automatically follow up with F&I until complete.
  • Having trouble staying on top of inventory age? Make a queue of inventory that has sat on your lot for at least 60 days, and send to your sales manager for potential price drops.
  • Need a better process for your vehicle titles? Create a queue for all vehicles that need title work, and automatically ping your title processor.

If a particular queue is used frequently, you can even add a shortcut on your iDMS home screen. This is one more way iDMS helps you level up your productivity and accomplish so much more with so much less.

With your MVP on the job, you’ll think you have a staff twice the size. Bonus: You’ll have a great reason to dance in the end zone next Sunday.

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