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April 10, 2017

13 Workflows That Make Success Automatic

Considering all the technology we rely on to run a dealership, could there be something missing? Are we content with manual processes that we know like the back of our hand or is our software in need of a long-overdue upgrade? I’ve seen countless independent dealerships overlook 13 workflows that absolutely should be automated.

Why Automation?
I’ve found that the biggest hurdle to overcome in automating a business is mindset. It becomes an easy sell when automation solves issues that have been plaguing you for years or it simply multiplies your success. If you’re doing great now, imagine when your efficiencies are improved exponentially.

And don’t buy just any software based on a bunch of bells and whistles. It must make sense for your dealership. Assess your options with an open mind, and don’t step over dollars to pick up pennies.

Automate one or two (or all) of the following workflows, and you’ll see that the boost in profits is well worth it.

#1: Market to Sold Customers
Using equity-mining software, you can uncover up-sell opportunities through statistical analysis of initial deal terms, interest rates, purchase dates, and more, and close the deal with killer offers that lower interest rates and/or payments.

#2: Distribute Leads to the Right Salesperson
Your CRM should be automatically distributing leads round robin, based on:

  • Vehicle — For salespeople who specialize in a certain segment, such as trucks or high-end cars
  • Schedules — To reroute leads away from team members who are on vacation
  • Customer history — Send repeat buyers back to their original salespeople

#3: Regularly Follow Up With Active Leads
Sophisticated technology can create an intelligent work plan with automatic follow-up or remind salespeople to follow up (or some combination of the two).

#4: Reach Out to Web Visitors
Start capturing the IP address of any lead and then track where they go on your website and how long they stay. The detail you can gather is invaluable for salespeople to leverage during follow-ups.

#5: Add New Inventory
Your DMS should automatically flag new inventory for certain tasks and include any vehicle with that flag on corresponding reports. This keeps your inventory organized and helps each department stay on track with every vehicle in the inventory process.

#6: View Service Repair Orders on Each Vehicle in Your DMS
When a car from your inventory goes into your service shop for repair, your salespeople should automatically be able to see the repair status and cost to know whether the car is ready for sale and the increased investment.

#7: Reevaluate Your Inventory Each Month
Instead of manually pulling book values, your DMS should be able to automatically reassess your inventory every month to the latest book values.

#8: Reprice Your Vehicles
The technology exists so that when you change the vehicle price in your DMS, it automatically syndicates to all online platforms and third-party providers that promote your inventory.

#9: Reach Out to Key Prospects After a Price Change
Anytime a price is lowered, your CRM should automatically populate a list of every customer interested in a particular vehicle.

#10: Move a Customer From Website to CRM to DMS
A well-integrated platform pushes customer data to all systems, so that when a web lead turns into an in-person visit, no extra manual work is necessary.

#11: Submit Deals to Lenders
With DMS lender portal platforms, you can seamlessly submit deals, as well as receive decisions in real time, without ever leaving the system.

#12: Customize Your Collections Queues
Excellent collections is key to keeping your business in the black. A DMS should be able to automate customer payment reminders and queue up the best customer calls for your collectors.

#13: Resolve Complaints
Recent technology advances can help you intercept complaints before they make it to social media, review sites, the CFPB, or the local attorney’s office. By automating follow-up surveys to buyers, you make customers feel heard, respected, and far less likely to escalate their complaints.

Download Automatic Success: 13 Workflows You’re Not Automating but Should for more details. Visit to start automating your dealership today.

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