The Michael Jordan Approach to CRM

May 13, 2019

A general sales manager I work with was coaching some of his less experienced salespeople on creating an effective process for organizing their day, and he asked for any CRM tricks that could help.

I immediately thought of two things: Blackbird dashboard widgets and Michael Jordan. Yes, that Michael Jordan.

I’ll explain.

Michael Jordan, maybe the most prolific scorer in the history of basketball, set a goal of scoring 32 points per game, which he achieved by having smaller goals for each quarter. He set out to score three baskets from the field and two free throws each quarter. That gave him a blueprint to achieve his goal of scoring 32 points a game.

I encourage all salespeople using our Blackbird CRM to use their dashboard widgets to organize their daily opportunities the same way.

When a salesperson starts their day and sees one widget with 27 tasks that need to be addressed, it can be difficult to know where to start. But if that salesperson sees those same 27 tasks organized into specific categories — eight emails that need a response, 15 outbound calls to make, and four emails that need to be sent — it creates a sense of organization and purpose.

If you already have DealerSocket CRM and have questions about setting up dashboard widgets, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If you do not have DealerSocket CRM, but would like to see it in action, click below and we’ll set up a demo.

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