Agora partners with DealerSocket to help dealers stay ahead of evolving industry

June 10, 2020

ARLINGTON, Texas, June 9, 2020 — Agora Data, Inc. (Agora), a provider of data, analytics and liquidity solutions for the buy-here, pay-here segment of the automotive industry, announces its integration with DealerSocket’s web-based IDMS. This integration will increase dealer visibility into portfolio and loan performance, as well as create access to much-needed capital and cashflow. The addition of DealerSocket further expands the number of Agora integrated DMS partnerships.

“Access to reliable analytics is the difference between success and failure in today’s market,” stated Agora founder and CEO Steve Burke. “Trying to run a business without all of the information is like trying to build a puzzle without knowing what the picture is — it’s possible, but far more difficult.”

AgoraInsights is Agora’s first of its kind portfolio and loan valuation analytics. It empowers BHPH dealers to manage more effectively their most significant asset, their loan portfolio, and confidently manage liquidity negotiations. By combining this technology with DealerSocket’s innovative IDMS, dealers will now have a more holistic picture and greater control of their business operations.

Historically, auto dealers have relied on “book value” guides to buy and sell vehicles. Now, BHPH dealers can leverage AgoraInsights to understand the current value of their loans. Additionally, they gain the ability to compare their underwriting strategies with their industry peers through Agora’s benchmarking analytics.

“The partnership with Agora’s Insights platform provides incredible opportunities for our dealers to be empowered to better manage their business. More importantly, they gain access to capital through various finance channels,” said Jeff McCurry, DealerSocket’s vice president of product. “Agora’s program is one of a kind and is an exciting addition to the IDMS platform.”

About Agora Data, Inc.
Founded by industry veterans, Agora Data, Inc. is an Arlington, Texas-based developer of AI-infused financial services software and solutions. Agora was launched in 2017 to improve the lives of every BHPH dealer in the industry, providing access to actionable industry information, robust portfolio analytics, and a reliable source of liquidity/capital. Agora has empowered a community of thousands of BHPH dealers across the nation. Visit for more information.

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