CU Direct and DealerSocket announce new integration for CUDL auto lending platform

November 13, 2020

Credit Union industry’s largest auto lending platform expands DMS/CRM integration to include DealerSocket, streamlining the application process for dealers and customers

Irvine, Calif. November 5, 2020 CU Direct, the nation’s leading developer of lending software technology for the credit union industry, has announced a new integration with DealerSocket’s award-winning CRM.

As a result of the collaboration, CU Direct has expanded its CUDL auto lending platform’s DMS/CRM integration solution to include DealerSocket, a leading SaaS provider to the automotive industry. The system integration with the CUDL platform minimizes the need for dealers to double enter data, better simplifying and streamlining the entire application process, while allowing more opportunities for quicker financing solutions.

“The new integration not only allows dealers to tap into CUDL’s credit union network — which, collectively, represents one of the industry’s top auto finance sources — it creates a seamless workflow within DealerSocket’s CRM that streamlines the credit application process for dealers and ultimately improves the experience for their customers,” said Darren Harris, executive vice president and general manager of retail solutions at DealerSocket. “Having that access also means keeping those opportunities in one place, making it easier for sales teams to take advantage of the CRM’s marketing engine for follow-up and ownership lifecycle campaigns.”

The new system integration with DealerSocket’s CRM provides a number of key advantages for dealerships, including:

The nation’s largest credit union auto lending network, CUDL connects lenders to 15,000 auto dealers nationwide.Collectively, the 1,100 credit union partners on the CUDL platform have been the nation’s leading auto financing source since 2017.

“As the lending landscape and consumer expectations continue to evolve, we recognize the value and need for delivering a simplified, streamlined application process for dealers and their customers,” said Marty Simons, CUDL Product Director.  “As a result, we’re excited to partner with DealerSocket to provide dealers with  a faster, enhanced application process, paving the way for an improved customer experience.”

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