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October 5, 2016

DealerSocket User Summit Provides Forum for Advancing Automotive Retail

Technology Introductions Announced Along With Release of Dealership Action Report

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 5, 2016 DealerSocket, the automotive retail industry’s leading integrated technology platform, is currently hosting its annual User Summit, which takes place in San Antonio through October 5. At the opening keynote, DealerSocket founder and CEO Jonathan Ord addressed attendees, providing insight into the company’s future vision, the introduction of the "Blackbird" customer relationship management (CRM) system and several other product innovations.

"Blackbird is the result of DealerSocket’s vision, several years in the making, to create a streamlined automotive platform tailored to the future of automotive retail," said Ord. "It has been built for power and ease of use, incorporating dealership feedback. The release of this completely rebuilt platform has been highly anticipated and User Summit is the perfect forum to make its introduction."

Blackbird was developed and refined through intensive user engagement, including charting eye paths and mouse-based movements to refine the platform. The Blackbird platform is user-optimized, resulting in a customized portal with fewer clicks and simplified navigation. These innovations have led to improved operational efficiencies and a refined user experience.

Dealership Action Report Released

The second annual Dealership Action Report (DAR) debuted Tuesday, October 4, at User Summit. DealerSocket developed the DAR utilizing its proprietary data as well as calling upon Google and J.D. Power for additional consumer insight. Incorporating data from Google Consumer Surveys, this year’s DAR is the first to compare data representing 11,000 dealerships to insights from 2,000 consumers who purchased a vehicle in the last 12 months. The report also references customer satisfaction information from J.D. Power’s Power Information Network to provide complete analysis of the consumer vehicle buying process.

Through the DAR, franchise dealers can develop methods to reform the buying process and improve long-term profitability by learning:

"This year’s DAR provides a dual view, from the dealer and consumer perspective, of the vehicle buying process. Surprisingly, we found significant gaps in what dealers perceive to be the optimum

experience and what consumers expect," said Marylou Hastert, director of product marketing, DealerSocket. “As the industry cools after a year of record sales, it’s critical that dealerships focus on high-impact, data-driven processes to improve their margins.”

User Summit Highlights

In addition to CRM and the DAR, DealerSocket unveiled its new iDMS platform, which merges its FEX and AutoStar products into a single comprehensive dealership management solution for the independent market. It is the first of all DealerSocket products to be integrated into the all-new Blackbird platform, maintaining a consistent user experience across the system.

User Summit attendees will also take part in professional development tracks specially developed for advancement in the following topics:

About the Dealership Action Report

Representative of DealerSocket’s 11,000 dealership customers and data representing 2,000 vehicle buyers, the Dealership Action Report (DAR) is a resource developed to guide automotive dealership and dealer group professionals to improved, data-driven processes that drive customer retention and profitability. It is composed of key performance data and survey results, and analyzes industry trends, performance benchmarks and metrics, top performing dealers and consumer online shopping behaviors. The Dealership Action Report is available for download at:

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