DealerSocket Continues Customer Service Leadership

January 29, 2017

DealerSocket Continues Customer Service Leadership with Simplified Support and Real-Time Technology Monitoring

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., Jan. 29, 2017 – DealerSocket, continuing its leadership in customer service, today announced a real-time, technology-driven customer service model to drive greater profitability for its 11,000+ dealership customers through better utilization of DealerSocket tools. The announcement was made at the 2017 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo in New Orleans.

Simplified service support with a single point of entry
To provide easier access to DealerSocket product support and resources, the company is introducing a simplified customer service model through a single point of contact, or Customer Success Manager (CSM). When engaged, dedicated CSMs can provide portfolio-wide advice and insight for all interactions with their respective assigned dealers regarding sales, setup and support.

“The CSM support system truly streamlines our dealer service communications and provides a higher level of protection and value to our clients,” said Mark Bernstein, Director of Customer Success at DealerSocket. “Service and other calls from the dealer to multiple points in DealerSocket will be eliminated in favor of the efficiency and convenience of reaching out to just a single contact. Customers will spend less time on software and more time on their businesses.”

For dealers who still wish to have in-person counseling, DealerSocket has created a premier consultant team that can quickly and efficiently come into a dealership to help implement tool utilization or perform hands-on training to improve usage of DealerSocket technology.

Health Check real-time, non-intrusive digital technology monitoring
To support DealerSocket CSMs, a new digital monitoring tool, Health Check, will proactively assess dealers’ product utilization of DealerSocket CRM and technology tools.

Health Check is a non-intrusive means of diagnosing and comparing dealer technology use against competitive benchmarks, and will alert DealerSocket CSMs to make proactive recommendations only when dealers are not utilizing DealerSocket technologies to the full potential. Much like a home security system, this real-time monitoring only warrants attention when an issue is identified.

“Health Check constantly scans benchmarking data and pings our teams with opportunities, helping our customers be more efficient and effective, contributing to savings and sales,” said Darren Harline, Vice President of Customer Engagement and Partnerships at DealerSocket. “Instead of scheduling quarterly visits with a rep or contacting one of the many technology professionals to fix a software problem or have application questions answered, Health Check and our new CSM model allow us to consistently stay ahead of possible issues and be more efficient at resolving them.”

Virtual classroom support
To assist with training needs, DealerSocket leverages state-of-the-art on-demand virtual training. Dealers can subscribe for unlimited training to orient new salespeople and managers, refresh users with weak usage, and shore up knowledge in advanced product areas like DealerSocket’s List Builder and Campaign Manager.

To learn more about DealerSocket technologies or to schedule a demo at NADA, stop by Booth #937 or #1137, or visit

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