DealerSocket Launches a New Service for its RevenueRadar Product

September 26, 2019

RevenueRadar’s new Strategic Growth Managers help dealerships re-engage and retain customers

DealerSocket, Inc. is announcing a significant offering for its RevenueRadar tool with the launch of a team of Strategic Growth Managers dedicated to supporting and servicing dealers utilizing RevenueRadar. RevenueRadar is integrated into the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and is a predictive marketing tool that enables and promotes customer retention.

“Acquiring new customers is significantly more expensive than retaining existing ones,” said Darren Harris, general manager of DealerSocket’s CRM product suite. “We realize most dealers are not using their customer data to its full potential. RevenueRadar now offers a team of dedicated Strategic Growth Managers who will partner with our dealerships to help drive more cost-effective retention strategies.”

DealerSocket’s team of Strategic Growth Managers are experts in the auto industry. With an average of more than 21 years of automotive and in-house experience, including an average tenure of eight years at DealerSocket, many hold multiple OEM certifications and will offer consulting recommendations to the RevenueRadar opportunities generated by the software. The Strategic Growth Managers will consult with dealers on best practices to utilize within RevenueRadar, and they will share ideas on how to best approach customers. They will work with dealers to develop and implement processes, train staff, and create marketing strategies with campaign tracking, as well as provide analysis for retention opportunities. The Strategic Growth Managers are an additional consultative service DealerSocket is now offering. The new offering is in addition to DealerSocket’s award-winning service the company’s Customer Success Manager provides.

DealerSocket’s new Strategic Growth Managers are available now. For more information on how to access the new consultative feature, or to get a demo, visit

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