DealerSocket Launches Smart Reply

July 16, 2013

Leading auto dealer CRM, DealerSocket (, is pleased to announce the launch of Smart Reply. This solution allows dealerships to send intelligent emails to customers with concise and accurate content tailored to their specific vehicle interests.

"We're really fired up about launching Smart Reply because this technology surpasses traditional CRM solutions that simply send a text heavy email with little imagery that oftentimes doesn't contain the actual information a customer requested," said Brad Perry, DealerSocket co-founder and CTO. "Smart Reply innovates the internet lead process by empowering dealerships to respond to customers with the exact information they requested and add suggestions based on vehicles in their inventory. And, customers can easily view all of these details, satisfying their needs and simplifying the process for dealerships."

Smart Reply joins DealerSocket's robust solution suite, further streamlining auto CRM by giving dealerships an added edge to satisfy tech savvy customers who increasingly use mobile tools like Wi-Fi and smartphones to shop. Along with Smart Reply, the recently released Smart Workplan enhancement works in conjunction to provide dealerships with a smarter internet process. Watch the Smart Reply video to learn more.

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