DealerSocket’s next-generation mobile CRM ‘puts the best of Socket in your pocket’

February 3, 2021

DealerSocket’s all-new Mobile CRM is designed to save users valuable time, increase closing ratios, and keep managers connected with anywhere-at-anytime access to critical data

DALLAS, February 3, 2021 — DealerSocket, Inc., a leading SaaS provider to the automotive industry, today announced the launch of its next-generation Mobile CRM app, which sports a modern, easy-to-navigate user interface, and streamlined workflows for an ultra-efficient, tap-and-go experience designed to save users valuable time and make accountability management easier with anywhere-at-anytime access to critical data.

Completely redesigned to accommodate the unique processes and preferences of sales, BDC, internet, and management teams, DealerSocket’s Mobile CRM is available on iOS and Android and works seamlessly across any device to ensure accurate information across platforms. Dealers should experience an increase in closing ratios with the mobile app’s tap-and-type email and sales opportunity editing, an updated task interface with advanced filtering options and scheduling features, and enhanced customer and inventory search capabilities.

“When car shoppers submit an inquiry, they want instant gratification. When they’re on the lot and want to know what else is in inventory, they expect immediate answers. COVID-19 only accelerated the need for dealers to meet that demand via digital accessibility,” said Darren Harris, executive vice president and general manager of retail solutions at DealerSocket. “Eliminating barriers to the sale and ultimately improving the customer experience by making the CRM accessible anytime from anywhere, our new Mobile CRM provides users with — as we like to say — the best of socket right in their pocket.”

The tool’s sleek new interface is apparent the moment users click onto the Mobile CRM’s home screen, which features more simplified workflows for accessing important menus and locations within the CRM. An updated opportunities widget provides users with an immediate view of the last 20 recently accessed customers, along with filter options that mirror DealerSocket’s desktop CRM, and a global search feature that allows salespeople to look up opportunities by name and phone number.

The updated tasks interface hybridizes workflows from the Mobile CRM’s prior version and the desktop CRM. Additionally, the mobile tool’s updated inventory look-up feature provides a new search bar offering search-by-feature functionality.

The mobile app’s driver’s license scanner workflow also gets a new look and a more condensed click path for onboarding customers into the CRM, while the tool’s VIN scanner makes it easy to add a trade to a sales opportunity. Salespeople can also use the VIN scanner to search inventory. The new Mobile CRM also allows users to edit notification settings and switch between dealerships if part of a dealer group.

“COVID-19 confirmed what we always believed — that the CRM needs to be the central hub of a dealer’s retail strategy,” said DealerSocket Chief Product and Technology Officer Alok Tyagi. “That’s why our focus when it comes to our award-winning solution is on streamlining workflows and allowing sales teams to do more from one system. The launch of our new Mobile CRM is an extension of that, freeing managers and sales teams to operate within the CRM anytime and from anywhere.”

Zanchin Automotive Group implemented DealerSocket’s new Mobile CRM at four of its 30 rooftops. The impact was immediate. BDC Director Angie Terzic said lead-response times at those locations are down to 10 minutes or less, with team members even using the app to enter new opportunities into the CRM after store hours. Terzic likes it because she can address potential issues before they become problems.

“I use it all the time, even when I have access to my desktop. I don’t even take my laptop home with me anymore because I have everything I need on my phone,” she said. “Now, more than ever, customers don’t want to come into the store. They can do everything online from their phone. Now, so can we.”

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