Reduce Internet Lead Response Time With Lead Launch

April 29, 2014

DealerSocket is excited to announce the newest addition to the innovative Call Management tool, Lead Launch. Designed to reduce response time from when a dealer receives an internet-lead from a customer, Lead Launch strategically converts internet-leads with phone numbers into phone-ups and puts the dealership in contact with the customer right away.

DealerSocket's Call Management portal immediately converts these internet-leads into an audio recording and then places a phone call of the recording to multiple appropriate sales staff at the dealership-the first to answer gets the deal. At any time during the recording, the sales rep can connect to the customer by entering their Call Management PIN. This not only assigns the deal to that sales person, but also logs and records the outbound call into the work notes of the deal.

"We are excited to introduce Lead Launch, the latest feature within our Call Management product suite, allowing extra functionality to help improve a dealership's Internet Lead Management and Internet follow-up process," said Matt Redden, VP Sales/Marketing.

Response time is also improved in two ways. First, the phone-up recording of the internet-lead will in most cases arrive in DealerSocket faster than a tradition internet-lead. Second, the sales person now has a direct channel to connect to the customer while they are already on the phone so they can immediately and conveniently speak with the customer.

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