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Automated marketing capabilities help you increase and realize profitability at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Build and maintain a centralized customer database. Send the right message to the right customer at the right time. Optimize your marketing budget with insights and maximize results and ROI.

Personalized Campaigns

Communicate with your customers based on how they interact with you online. Our CRM uses click behavior to enroll customers in short, targeted campaigns based on their area of interest. Customers receive automated, personalized messages, saving your staff valuable time.

Text and Email Campaigns

Access an extensive library of pre-built email and text templates. Automated messages can be integrated into existing campaigns or used for customized communications. Deliver the right message at the right time, and track performance within our CRM.

Equity Mining

Your database contains valuable customer intelligence that can drive sales. Our equity mining solution, Revenue Radar™, makes sense of your customer data and turns insight into action for your sales, service, and marketing teams.

Database Cleansing

Keep your customer information current. Our database cleansing tool cleans your system monthly, updating your database with new customer email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses.

Surveys and Reviews

Leverage our turnkey solution to protect your online reputation. We integrate surveys into the CSI follow-up process for sold, unsold, and service customers. Create positive feedback from happy customers and handle unhappy customers quickly and efficiently.

Service Marketing

Create automated service marketing campaigns that drive revenue. Communicate with customers based on criteria you select, including time, mileage, and prior payment type.

ROI and Channel Reporting

Understand the most effective way to allocate your marketing budget. Our reporting capabilities give you true ROI reporting across all internal and third-party channels. See walk-ins, phone ups, and internet leads in one comprehensive view.

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It (CRM & E6) really gives us the ability to see users and their journey through the process that we can’t see in other solutions. With the ability for us to see all the campaigns we send out, how many of those people end up on the website, and then get real-time alerts in the CRM when those visitors return to the website provides us contextual data that we couldn’t get in other areas.

Kristopher Nielsen

Sales Operations Manager, Soave Automotive Group

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