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Today's vehicle shopper has high expectations, but it's not just speed and transparency they desire from the dealership. They want the feel of being in the driver's seat of a smart purchase process, customized to the way they want to buy. 

DealerSocket Desking modernizes the road to sale, empowering you to deliver the exceptional buying experiences you need to put more cars over the curb while increasing CSI. 

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From Bottom Line to Dotted Line

The Payment is right

Change the conversation from price to payment with configurable finance and lease options with the right automotive desking tools. Incent customers to act with built-in, plug-and-play rates, residuals, and rebates.

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Your Deals, Your Way

Use smart, speedy, intuitive workflows to mitigate mistakes and protect profit margins on the way to the perfect deal structure using DealerSocket's dealer desking software.

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Worksheets without the Work

Desk a finance, lease, one-pay, or cash deal from a single screen. Adjust figures and deal structures on the fly and without losing your work.

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First Click to Last Pencil

Provide a consistent experience from first click to last pencil with seamlessly integrated digital retail. Seamlessly push your finalized deal structure to your DMS.

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Present with Pride

Create your own proposal or use templates. Customize your presentation on a case-by-case basis by showing or hiding worksheet details.

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All Activities, One System

Desk your deals from within DealerSocket’s all-in-one CRM – a system that enables you to capture, connect with, and retain your customers.

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Transparent, Efficient, Flexible.


Provide transparency throughout the buying process 

Reduce Time Spent

Reduce wait times and back-and-forth during the desking process


Give freedom to explore, compare, and re-explore options 

"With so many different scenarios coming at me all day every day, it's important to have a powerful and versatile Desking tool that gives me the ability to customize purchase and lease presentations quickly and efficiently. With DealerSocket Desking, I can add as much or as little detail as needed on the fly, based on the situation I have in front of me. Multiple revisions? Comparing several cars? Not a problem with this tool."

Nick Colucci

General Sales Manager, Capistrano Volkswagen

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