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Creating efficiencies at your dealership is key. IDMS allows you to streamline your desking and financing processes to save time, automate workflows, and improve the customer experience.

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Integrated Loan Origination and lender financing.

Push customer credit application and loan information to lender.

Receive lender decisioning within deal, or individual worksheet, in IDMS.

Easily compare worksheets statuses and financing options side-by-side.

Learn how LenderSocket allows you to never have to leave IDMS during the financing process.

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Visualize a more efficient lender application process:

  1. Customer fills out credit application on your website

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  3. Customer information automatically creates a new deal within IDMS

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  5. Worksheet is created to begin deal structure and submits deal details to selected lender(s)

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  7. Deal and credit application details are sent to your selected lender(s)

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  9. Lenders review and send back decisioning

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  11. Decisioning is directly integrated into deal worksheet within IDMS

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  13. Deal process is completed by contracting the appropriate worksheet that was approved

LenderSocket by IDMS

Learn how to streamline your desking and lender decisioning.

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