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vSignature from Vision Dealer Solutions

Give your customers the modern car-buying process they crave. IDMS’s integration with vSignature from Vision Dealer Solutions delivers the flexibility and innovation you need to appeal to the buying habits of today’s consumers. vSignature allows you and your customers to sign deal documents electronically on a phone, tablet, or desktop PC in your showroom or remotely. 

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Sign at the dealership or bring the deal right to your customer’s living room. See it in action.

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Modernizing the traditional car-buying process:

  1. Push all required forms from IDMS to vSignature.

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  3. Drag and drop signature boxes in all necessary spots of any form used for the first time. Signature boxes are applied automatically in future uses.

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  5. Invite the client via email or text to guide them through the signing ceremony or allow them to sign at their convenience.

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  7. Send all signed forms to the client via password-protected email.

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  9. Push all signed forms back to IDMS.

Give your customers more options resulting in fewer lost sales.


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