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March 1, 2017

Have you ever wondered:

  • How do I look at user behavior for a specific segment of my site’s traffic?
  • Is there a way to test my filter before I implement it?
  • Can I see the effect of a campaign on my website?

The answer to all three is yes. Utilizing advanced segments makes it possible. They provide a great way to dig down into your data and understand your website users. The insight you pull will help you vastly improve user experience on your website.

Advanced segments uncover key insights by slicing up your data. How do we create an advanced segment? It’s easy.

Step 1: Create an advanced segment

First, begin by clicking on “+ Add Segment” then “+ New Segment.”

Step 2: Select the segment type

Along the left-hand side, you now have a selection of different types of advanced segments you can set up. Your choice will depend on what data you are trying to analyze. For this example, we will be creating a segment for users that came to our website via a link that is tagged with campaign parameters.

Click on the type of advanced segment you would like to create.

Step 3: Set up advanced segment conditions

Select the dimension (or metric) that you would like to segment and then enter the details of what you are examining (in this case, we want to see all of the information for our “summer savings” campaign). After you have your conditions set up, click “Save” and enjoy your segmented data.

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