Matthew Casebeer serves as Internet Director at Capitol Auto Group, overseeing all online leads for Capitol Auto Group’s three franchises. Casebeer also facilitates all digital and DealerSocket CRM group training.
Before DealerSocket, Capitol Auto Group had used ADP Web CRM, “which felt more cumbersome for the salespeople to use.” Casebeer continues, “DealerSocket is more user friendly (than other CRMs), and the capabilities are far superior. There is no comparison when talking about ease of use.”
Since implementing DealerSocket CRM in April 2012, Matthew reports an increase in accountability. He feels it is easier for managers to know what is happening in the dealership on a day-to-day basis. He also says managers can conveniently pull reports, and salespeople are more aware of their daily tasks.

In regards to internet traffic, Capitol Auto Group’s three stores collectively receive approximately 800 online leads per month. “DealerSocket makes it easy to access and track these leads,” says Casebeer. He has set up campaigns for different types of internet leads. According to Matthew, “We filter leads to target market and tailor our internet followup messages according to the status of the lead and previous customer interactions. We set up business rules to touch customers that we never did before using DealerSocket.”

Matthew Casebeer emphasizes that DealerSocket is a great product with a support and technical team who are constantly innovating and creating new, helpful enhancements

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