A new world of automotive sales training

“Whether you’re new in sales or a 30–year veteran, CarMind sales training is tailored for everyone. I personally do all the required courses along with my managers and sales staff. We discuss each week’s lessons during our sales meetings and apply these practices on the floor. Results…. it works!”

Glen Grosso, General Manager,
Napleton Nissan


CarMind overview

CarMind is an online training solution set up in a sitcom–style format that depicts the day–to–day ups and downs of today’s automotive dealership. The curriculum allows sales, management, service and BDC staff to learn tried and true techniques for all–around improvement in a user–friendly format with up to 104 weeks of courses including segments on today’s most relevant topics, like social media.



Auto dealers needed a creative solution to improve a range of skill sets for their sales,customer service , BDC, management and service staff that was available in easily digestible segments they could fit into their schedules.


Case study stats

Timeframe: 61 days
Users: 4,867
Responses: 3,021

Method: Each week, we asked participants one basic question: Did the content in the previous week’s course:
a) Help you sell more units
b) Result in making more gross
c) Both a & b
d) None of the above



82% sold more cars and/or made more money within a week of taking a course.



Participants experienced an increase in units and gross due to CarMind’s unique ability to boost confidence and morale through weekly courses that engaged teams in a memorable and fun way resulting in improved sales, customer service and management skills

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