Ohio-based Great Lakes Honda registered a new high in terms of sales and gross profit. Vehicle sales grew by 711 units to a record 4,729 units sold, while total gross profit grew by 39% thanks to a $219.35 year-over-year increase in average front-end gross profit per unit retailed. Sales Manager Ryan Huang is quick to credit DealerSocket CRM’s RevenueRadar data mining tool for the record-setting year.

“We had more repeat business and better customer retention than we've ever had. Picking up DealerSocket was probably one of the best things we ever did. Now that we're fully engaged in the CRM, we are exceeding our expectations.”

Ryan Huang

Great Lakes Honda

Mining for gross profit

Opportunities generated by RevenueRadar get special attention from Huang’s team. Over the last quarter of the store’s banner year, the deals the tool delivered bested all other sales sources by at least $609 in average front-end gross. Back-end grosses were also healthy, with each RevenueRadar deal topping all other channels in total gross profit by 35% to 62%.

“If you provide the proper training and you turn your salespeople into believers of RevenueRadar, all you have to do as a manager is know your programs,” Huang says. “So, I love starting every month with Honda. That’s when I get my new programs, and I see my new incentives, my new rate, and my dealer cash.”

Huang theorizes that the reason RevenueRadar leads result in high-gross deals is timing; his sales team can capture customers before they become internet shoppers. That allows them to focus on gross vs. units, providing confidence in the power of data mining. “They believe because they can see in their numbers that RevenueRadar works," Huang says.

“Ultimately, an Android phone and an iPhone will accomplish the same thing, but the iPhone is just more user-friendly. In our world, DealerSocket CRM is the iPhone. It's ten times easier to use, and teach other people to use, than any other CRM.”

Ryan Huang

Great Lakes Honda

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