“After implementing one new service campaign, our dealership averaged $152,640 of additional revenue last year.”

Jessica Ruffoni is the Business Development Manager for Honda of Santa Maria and Toyota of Santa Maria. Previously serving as the Customer Relations Manager for both stores, she was keenly aware of the challenges facing their service drive. They were in the bottom of their region for CSI, their no–show appointment rate was too high and they routinely missed opportunities on the phones when customers called to schedule appointments. “The service advisors were so consumed in helping the customers walking through the door that an effective appointment and follow–up process could not be put into action,” Jessica said. Knowing there must be a better way, Jessica set out to find a way to increase CSI, capture all incoming service appointments, and create new revenue opportunities.

The dealership decided the best course of action would be creating a BDC department that utilizes DealerSocket for tracking and accountability. Jessica details the research that went into their decision, “Through our DealerSocket Consultant we were able to get in touch with multiple dealerships in the Los Angeles area that use DealerSocket in their BDCs. We visited these dealerships and talked to their Service Managers and BDC Managers about their best practices. Our new procedures for the BDC were based off other BDC’s, we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel’ if we didn’t have to.” When asked why they decided DealerSocket was the best choice creating these new processes she replied, “Other CRM tools do not always function correctly with our Reynolds DMS. With DealerSocket we are able to pull service and sales data from Reynolds flawlessly on a consistent basis.”


When asked if they had any immediate success…

“We experienced a wide variety of positive results. Our advisors had an appointment schedule that flowed throughout the day which gave them more time with customers and a better opportunity to sell services. Our CSI (Customer Survey Index) scores jumped through the roof.”

A marked improvement in CSI and better flow of service traffic were not the only benefits from the new efforts by Jessica and her team. Looking to create new opportunities from the existing database, they automatically enroll around 250 customers each month into their 12–Month No Service campaign. So far they have closed an average of 52 new appointments monthly, averaging $12,720 of new revenue. When asked why she loves using DealerSocket Jessica replied, “I am able to manage our customer data base and our dealership users easily. With their reports and BDC functionality I am able to hold my team accountable and measure their results in real time with little effort.”

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