Burns Buick GMC Hyundai knew there were more sales opportunities that should be walking through their showroom floor. Lead Generation software was the buzz in the industry and it was apparent this technology needed to be implemented into their dealerships. After several months of researching different software, Burns finally selected DealerSocket’s RevenueRadar as their data mining solution of choice.



During training, their specialized team learned how to utilize RevenueRadar and also went through phone skills instruction. “We use a script for every phone call we make. During the call, our agents explain that we use software that identifies a few of our customers that are in a very unique opportunity to get into a new vehicle at no additional cost.”, says Joe Turchyn, Corporate Development & Strategy for Burns Auto. “Our customers are very curious and often times want to learn more. Mostly they don’t believe we are telling the truth, but once we get to meet with them and show them how we can help them, they are thrilled.”

Joe goes onto say RevenueRadar has become a great resource to putting high-demand used vehicles back on their pre–owned lot. With a smooth install and proper training, Burns has established new processes driven from RevenueRadar which complement their long–standing Sales and Service processes that plugs into their existing CRM and Service software.



Once Burns turned on RevenueRadar they saw immediate results. In 2014 YTD, RevenueRadar has brought 46 new vehicles per month with an average gross profit of about $2,500.00, bringing $200,000.00 of variable gross profit to their bottom line. In addition to the increased profit, RevenueRadar increased customer retention and loyalty. According to Peter Lanzavecchia, President of Burns Buick GMC Hyundai, data mining solutions like RevenueRadar drive customers that have done business with them in the past back into the showroom and the service drive. “Buick has done an excellent job with the product and that is what drives new inquiries into our dealership. It is up to the dealership to grow customer loyalty and retention. RevenueRadar has allowed us to invite these customers back in to our store and with good reason.”

With RevenueRadar, Burns has increased sales, expanded pre–owned inventory and improved customer retention in both the sales and service departments.

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