Even in a successful group like Zanchin Automotive Group – which has more than 30 stores across Ontario, Canada – no two rooftops are exactly alike. That’s why Zanchin’s BDC Director, Angie Terzic, relies on the right tools, with the right features, to identify unique issues and meet the demands of an evolving marketplace.


The stakes

“The CRM gives me a really nice bird’s eye view of everything that is happening, and more importantly, it lets me know what’s not happening,” Angie said.

From her unique vantage point, Angie needs be able to see where each store is succeeding and where opportunities may be getting left behind. She relies on her sales dashboard and scoreboard to provide information and trends for each store at a glance and help put each team she works with in the best position to succeed.

"The CRM gives me a really nice bird’s eye view of everything that is happening, and more importantly, it lets me know what’s not happening"

Angie Terzic, BDC Director

Zanchin Automotive Group

Going mobile

One of the most popular CRM features in Zanchin stores is SocketTalk, DealerSocket’s CRM texting tool.

“In the last year, we’ve gone from not even using SocketTalk to regularly selling cars with it,” Angie said. “Everything is done through texting – people use it to send their credit application, driver’s license, everything.”

SocketTalk is effective at Zanchin because it perfectly matches how people live and work. More and more customers would rather receive text messages than calls and salespeople have the familiarity and ability to deliver.

Giving people the ability to work the way they live pays dividends. Speaking of which…


Embracing the new app

Every store faces its own unique set of challenges, but when it comes to technology (specifically CRM), one thing is always true – it only works if people use it!

Zanchin employees found the clean layout and simplicity of DealerSocket’s new CRM mobile app made it easier for new users to learn and for power users to master.

“I like that you can start small and not overwhelm your sales staff,” Angie said. “It has enough functionality to let people start very simply and work their way to the nitty gritty details.”

Enhanced features and improved functionality are already simplifying the process for Zanchin team members, including VIN and driver’s license scanners, as well as the ability to seamlessly text and email from the app.


No desktop, no problem

Knowing what is going on in each store is just the first part of the job for a BDC director. Once a potential issue is identified, Angie has to take action. The new app allows her to do just that.

“I can look at a lead that hasn’t been handled and very simply put it in someone else’s name so they can work on it,” she said. “I use it all the time, even when I have access to my desktop.”

Being able to perform all of her administrative tasks within the app makes Angie more efficient throughout the day and helps her travel a little lighter at the end of it.

“I don’t even take my laptop home with me anymore. I have everything I need on my phone now,” Angie said. “I think that’s what everyone on the team should do.”

"I don’t even take my laptop home with me anymore. I have everything I need on my phone now."

Angie Terzic, BDC Director

Zanchin Automotive Group

A process that wrote itself

Angie never created a formal process for entering email leads in the CRM after business hours – the app did that for her.

“An email would come in after people left the office and they’d have their phone with the new app. It takes two seconds to enter the lead, so they just started doing it,” Angie said. “It was so easy that it didn’t make sense to wait until the morning. Now that’s just what we always do.”

The development of great processes is critical to success at dealerships of all shapes and sizes, and sometimes, the tools are so good the process develops itself.


Don’t get ready…stay ready

Customer have always had high expectations, but speed has never been more important. As information and control of the shopping process become more accessible, it’s more important than ever to meet the customer where they are, when they’re ready to buy.

That speed and flexibility is reflected in recent internet lead response times in the Zanchin stores that have implemented the new app:

  • Number 7 Honda – 10 minutes
  • Maple Mazda – 7 minutes
  • Maple Toyota – 10 minutes
  • Woodbridge Toyota – 5 minutes

“Now, more than ever, customers don’t want to come into the store,” Angie said. “They can do everything online, from their phone. Now, so can we.”

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