Toyota Certifies DealerFire Websites for Revamped Digital Solutions Program

April 24, 2019

DealerFire website and digital advertising program is now certified for use by Toyota’s more than 1,200 U.S. dealers

DealerSocket Inc., a leading software provider for the automotive retail industry, today announced that its DealerFire website and digital marketing platform is now certified for Toyota’s newly revamped Toyota Dealer Digital Solutions program, which the automaker dubbed TDDS 2.0.

TDDS 2.0 provides Toyota’s more than 1,200 U.S. dealers with the opportunity to partner with the industry’s best website providers. Certified providers are put through a robust selection process to ensure best-in-class services with a national reach and extensive automotive industry expertise. Acceptance into the program brings DealerFire’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certification count to 16.

“Cutting-edge design and performance are part of the Toyota philosophy, and that is what makes DealerFire the perfect partner for Toyota dealers,” said Cavan Robinson, director of product marketing for DealerSocket’s DealerFire line. “The DealerFire product line is poised for an impactful 2019, with our acceptance into TDDS 2.0 being one of the first of several major announcements we’ll be making in the coming months on the OEM certification front.”

Toyota dealers will now have access to DealerFire’s Engine 6, the first web platform built specifically for the automotive retail industry and future-proofed to the same speed standards held by other retail verticals. It was honored at NADA 2019 during the annual Automotive Website Awards in the best “U.S. Websites” category.

Engine 6 averages an industry-leading three-second load time, according to Google 3G testing, and features an industry first, in-line editing system that connects dealers to 75-plus inventory- and incentives-integrated modules so they can create stunning, multidevice-optimized websites and vehicle details pages (VDP) that perform.

Among its many innovations is DealerFire’s proprietary normalization algorithm, which standardizes vehicle colors and vehicle criteria into commonly used search terms. This data normalization powers Engine 6’s Shop-by-Feature module, a key consumer shopping tool given Google’s recent note that vehicle feature searches have grown 67% in recent years. Consumers can also shop by budget and payment, then save select vehicles.

DealerSocket’s DealerFire line was founded in 1999. It specializes in dealer websites and digital retailing and houses a full-service digital marketing agency that provides custom-written ads and marketing content, inventory and data targeting, marketing design, and transparent ROI reporting. New for DealerFire in 2019 is integration with Facebook Marketplace, with DealerSocket becoming one of a few select software firms to offer dealers the ability to expose their inventory to an online marketplace millions of Americans use every day to shop for vehicles.

“The car-buying journey has evolved. Every online interaction is magnified, and consumers are demanding a seamless path to purchase,” Robinson said. “Our years of experience, combined with the power of the DealerSocket platform, allows us to leverage data to provide the most seamless car-shopping experience out there, making DealerSocket’s DealerFire line the clear No. 1 choice.”

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