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March 28, 2017

Customized Training: Hands on Lab

Being a top tech company means that we not only create revolutionary products for our customers, but also revolutionary support technologies. Hands on Lab is one such support technology, specifically for real-time training.

Hands on Lab utilizes cutting-edge online tools to train on demand rather than waiting for a trainer to come to the dealership. One of the biggest complaints we hear from customers who have left other CRMs is that they never got the training they needed to be successful. That’s why we feel it’s paramount to provide timely training options.

Hands on Lab offers easy-to-use training of all types for all products. Did you hire a new sales guy? You have options: from on-demand recorded sessions to live real-time hands-on training with a live instructor. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner who wants to learn the ropes, a manager who wants to brush up, or a power user who wants to learn the advanced features to help take your dealership to the next level, we offer it all. Our training includes tests with scenarios and questions that ensure trainees have a firm grasp on the material before they can pass. When our tools are used properly, dealers service more cars, improve CSI, and make more money. As you can imagine, this makes our dealers happier. We want all of our customers know how to use these tools the right way and stay happy.

Some of our competitors believe their trainers should know more than the people they are teaching. We take a different approach. Yes, our trainers are product experts and possess a wealth of industry knowledge, but they also listen. We want to learn from our dealerships. We want your feedback to make sure our product works for your unique situation. We don’t simply tell our dealers what to do because we know better than them. We want to create custom processes for each of our stores.

Hands on Lab helps our dealers improve their usage of all our tools, from CRM to website and digital marketing to sales and marketing to inventory to service to DMS to equity mining. By offering world-class customer support, top-of-the-line technology, and access to the most innovative experts in the industry, DealerSocket provides the most direct path to success available to dealers today.

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