September 15, 2016

In the age of the internet and smart devices, we aren’t just talking on the telephone and penning letters anymore; we’re texting, instant messaging, FaceTiming, Tweeting, Snapchatting, and more. We use multiple communication channels and devices every day to connect with our social circles, shop, and find information.

Many businesses take advantage the constant connectivity. They use opt-in text alerts, social media advertising, search engine marketing, and more. Quite simply, they connect and communicate with customers on the platforms they use each and every day.

Despite the multitude of ways to reach today’s consumer, one specific industry is falling behind the digital trends: automotive dealerships.

Most dealerships successfully collect customer information when they stop by their stores, visit their websites, and call in, yet they fail to fully leverage it. This data contains opportunities abound.  Yet, only about 50 percent of dealerships mine this data and even fewer successfully communicate with their customers despite the revenue opportunities right under their nose.

Customer-centric Marketing

Gone are the days when customers would just stroll into your dealership to talk to a sales rep, get service, or check out the vehicles on your lot. It’s critical in today’s competitive market that you communicate with customers at every appropriate turn before they set foot in your store. Remember, they are being contacted by your competitors and leveraging digital technology to research and shop around.

Smart dealers are shifting from price-focused selling to proactive engagement through tailored and relevant messaging that attracts customers to their stores. But how do they achieve this?

The first step is to identify customers in a favorable position to spend money at your dealership. Next, automate your communication process.

We created Revenue Radar because we realized dealers were looking for a new way to contact customers in all phases of the car buying cycle, regardless if they have started the online buying process or not.

Within Revenue Radar, dealers can set up automated database queries called “radars” to scan the wealth of data stored in their DMS, including amount financed, monthly payment, APR, months to term, and more. Revenue Radar then highlights customers who are due for service, or are in a favorable position to be approached about a trade-in, the latest incentives, and more. The tool sets up the perfect opportunity to contact these customers with relevant and beneficial sales and service opportunities.

Tools Make Communicating the Right Message Easier

Maybe you don’t have time to communicate with current and prospective customers. Not to worry. Revenue Radar can handle that, too. We have found that on on average, it cuts the amount of time dealers spend contacting leads by 50 percent.

Once these warm leads have been identified and fed to your CRM along with actionable insights and data-driven scripts, you can automate email and direct mail marketing into your data-mining strategy to ensure opportunities aren’t missed.

Since data-mining technology constantly seeks new opportunities for your dealership, your ability to communicate the most relevant messages, develop customer loyal, and increase revenue is made easy.

Your customers are connected constantly. It only makes sense to take advantage of their relative availability. Tools like Revenue Radar can help you reach more customers with more tailored messaging faster and more efficiently.

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