Customer Success White Board | It’s Time to Ditch the Four Square

October 25, 2018

Are you getting traffic to your dealership, but not closing deals at the rate you’d like? There is a pretty good chance the break down is happening in the desking process, penciling the right deal for the right buyer.

Desking a deal is one of the trickiest parts of the selling process for a lot of reasons, but one way to simplify it involves moving on from a fundamental tool that many of us grew up with but has become outdated – the four square.

Here are three key reasons it may be time to retire the four square and tie a desking tool to your CRM to produce a more modern pricing matrix:

Focus on The Customer’s Money

As sales people, we are always trained to focus on payment over price. The four square presents price and trade right above the customer’s down payment and proposed monthly payment. By presenting our money alongside the customer’s money, we make it harder for them to forget about the price and focus their full attention to the payment.

Options = Decisions

Today’s customer wants to believe they’ve shopped and landed on a good deal. The four square presents only one payment option at a time, while the pricing matrix shows 32 – 16 loan and 16 lease. It’s a statistical certainty that buyers are more likely to make a decision when presented multiple options to consider.

Time Kills Deals

By providing multiple payment options from the beginning, we also eliminate the need to leave the customer and grab new numbers if and when they counter. By cutting down on the amount of time a customer has to spend in the office we increase the odds of closing the deal.

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