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“We Are Automotive” isn’t some marketing slogan; it’s who we’ve been since our founding. It’s a philosophy that lives and breathes in every one of our solutions — from our CRM and desking tools to our award-winning equity mining and inventory software to our revolutionary websites and digital marketing solutions.
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Customer Communication

Creating an efficient path to purchase is critical for turning sales-resistant prospects into raving advocates for your dealership. That’s where having integrated CRM and website technologies come in, allowing for the seamless flow of customer and deal data so dealers can tailor the experience to how customers want to interact. To learn more, click here. Dealerships are continuing to understand and address consumers’ desire to shop through the channels of their choice. DealerSocket dealerships are increasingly using a multi-channel approach for engaging with customers.
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Data on this site is aggregated from transactions perfromed on DealerSocket’s CRM software by U.S. dealerships.

DealerSocket’s CRM software serves as the connection point for all our current and future innovations, giving dealerships another reason to do what every sales guru says is the key to showroom success: marry your CRM. Team it with our award-winning equity mining, desking, digital retailing tools and world-class support, and get the fastest path to increased sales and profits.

Store Visits

According to DealerSocket data, more than 80% of a store’s success is based on how many appointments are set, whether for service or sales. Check out our Eight Secrets to Maximize Your CRM Investment for more information.

Equity mining solutions put customer and prospect data to work using statistical techniques and advanced analytics to continuously search the DMS for sales and service opportunities. Click here to learn more.

Compared to appointments from internet leads, fresh ups, and phone ups, equity mining appointments in 2016 – 2018 had a higher sold rate. Additionally, the rate of vehicles sold to store visits is higher for equity mining compared to other sources.

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RevenueRadar is DealerSocket’s robust equity mining solution. It’s designed to identify sales and service opportunities in the customer database.

Percent of Appointments with Sold Vehicles

Percent of Appointments with Customer Show

Percent of Vehicles Sold to Store Visits

“We Are Automotive” is a mindset, an approach to our partnership with dealers. It includes an integrated set of dealership software, access to a full-service digital marketing agency and our team of Customer Success Managers. Our goal is to help dealers achieve their goals. DealerSocket: We Are Automotive

Vehicles Sold

Creating loyal customers represents a dealer’s greatest opportunity to capture repeat and referral business, because satisfied customers never keep a great experience to themselves. For more on increasing customer loyalty, click here.

Repeat business accounted for 25% of new-vehicle sales for DealerSocket’s dealerships in 2018, a 6% average annual increase over the last 10 years. On the used side, the percentage of sales to repeat customer has climbed to 14% over the same period.

An integrated platform is vital to minimizing average days sold. It’s also critical to delivering a seamless transaction for customers.

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Spanning website development, digital marketing and online car buying, DealerSocket’s team of web developers and digital marketers are delivering award-winning strategies that put dealerships in the right place at the right time.

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Armed with a real-time data solution delivering focused marketing intelligence, a service BDC can deliver increased labor hours, ROs, and, most importantly, revenue. For more information, review The Impact of a Service BDC paper. The percentage of repair orders with an appointment set has increased steadily among DealerSocket dealerships in recent years, from 9% in 2016 to 22% in 2018. Setting a future appointment at the end of a customer’s service visit represents a great opportunity to retain customers and keep the service lane full, yet only 4% of repair orders in 2018 were closed with a future service appointment set. With robust products such as Service Management and Service Scheduler, DealerSocket helps dealerships manage fixed ops performance with a centralized view of all metrics that lead to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.
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“We Are Automotive” means a deep appreciation for the rich history of the car business and celebrating the entrepreneurship of today’s modern dealer. It’s not about what we want or think; it’s about helping dealers achieve their sales and profit objectives while enabling showroom innovation.

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