Dream big: Get all the cash you need to grow your BHPH business

Buy Here Pay Here dealers now have the ability to leverage a new industry-changing funding channel to triple their portfolio in 2021. With Agora Data’s crowdsourcing platform, BHPH dealers and small to mid-sized finance companies can dream big and grow their business with gained direct access to the capital markets. As entrepreneurs, you’ve previously relied on personal savings or senior lenders to help you grow your business.

Effective immediately, the nightmare of high-interest rates, financial covenants or needing to pledge collateral to get the money you need is no longer. Why not put your portfolio and new originations to work? And as a bonus you can sleep better without the additional worries. Dealers with $11,000 worth of loans to over $20 million, and everything else in between, are eligible to participate in this efficient and new way of auto finance called a securitization.

Auto industry veteran Chris Barry with Agora Data presents a step-by-step overview and how this new approach is positively changing the industry.


Watch this presentation to:

  • Maximize your portfolio and new originations.
  • Discover what access to securitization does for BHPH industry.
  • Understand the key benefits for your BHPH dealership.

Webinar Presenter:

Chris Barry, SVP of Sales at Agora Data, is an experienced automotive finance leader with an extensive history of success in automotive lending, servicing, and ancillary products.

Most recently as an executive and leader of the sales and marketing functions for GWC Warranty, the leading provider of service contracts for independent dealers, Chris helped drive the doubling of revenue and profit, which helped facilitate two private equity acquisitions during his tenure there.

Agora Data is a proud partner with Dealer Socket. Together we are passionate about the success of BHPH dealers. As a current IDMS customer, it is easy to get connected to Agora Data’s platform. Once connected, and at no additional cost, you will immediately start to see benefits as your loans will be analyzed and put through a vigorous regimen designed to maximize and improve the value of your portfolio. In addition to this review, dealers have access to other analytically robust business tools and cutting-edge technology to enhance financial planning.

Visit www.agoradata/idms or email [email protected] to get started.

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