CRM Sales Management

How much money is your phone leaving on the table?

May 13, 2020

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Session Description:

As you spend time and money driving quality sales leads to your dealership, are you aware of what’s happening once those prospects pick up the phone and call your store? From how your salespeople manage phone ups to how you manage your salespeople, actions directly correlate with conversions. Learn how Qvale Auto Group uses effective call management to create a culture of commitment, accountability, and competition to drive sales.


About the Presenters: 

Geno Walsh, Qvale Auto Group, Executive Manager of Retail Operations

Geno Walsh currently serves as Executive Manager of Retail Operations for the Qvale Auto Group, consisting of 15 dealerships across the U.S. from California to Texas and Florida. Specializing in retail operations and digital sales processes, Geno has a proven track record of success by implementing progressive digital marketing strategies, touching every aspect of retail and service with a digital fingerprint.

Mike Haeg, CarWars, Vice President, Automotive

Mike joined Car Wars in March 2010, where he’s held titles such as Account Manager, Director of Business Development, Director of Automotive, and now Vice President of Automotive. With almost a decade in the automotive industry, he’s worked closely with most of the nation’s largest dealer groups, single-point dealers, CRMs, marketing agencies, consultants, and everything in between.

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