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Modernizing your digital retailing: Your guide to digital selling in 2021

February 3, 2021
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Overview: With so much of the car buyer’s journey taking place online, it’s time to embrace digital retailing and the power of technology. Let’s take your digital marketing & sales process to a whole new level. Stream Companies’ Bill Parlaman and DealerSocket’s Eric Giroux are joining forces to share best practices from dealers like you who are dominating their market with digital retailing. You’ll come away ready to revamp your modern retailing experience and sell more cars in 2021. View this webinar to learn how to:
  • Strengthen your brand to drive more traffic to your website with multichannel digital marketing strategies
  • Enhance the on-site experience for your shoppers with digital retailing tools and technology
  • Ensure clicks convert to conversations
  • Create a memorable experience for your online shoppers

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Webinar Presenters:

Eric Giroux
VP, Product Management

After spending time directing digital marketing for a 12-store automotive group in Kansas, Eric Giroux became one of the early members of the DealerFire team. There, he oversaw relationships with some of the largest automotive groups in the country and helped steer dealer and product strategy. Now, as VP of Product Management at DealerSocket, Eric leads a global team of specialists in building web-based software. Most notably, he served as the lead Product Manager DealerFire's website platform, as well as DealerSocket's digital retailing solution.
Bill Parlaman
Chief Marketing Officer
Stream Companies

Bill Parlaman is one of the founding thought leaders in digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization space. Prior to joining Stream, Bill founded his own inbound marketing agency and has taken that experience into a leadership role at Stream Companies where he leads a team of sales and marketing professionals, fosters client relationships, and enjoys partnering with dealers to solve their biggest sales and marketing problems.
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