How Automation Puts the “Special” in Dealer Website Specials

February 14, 2018

Creating a great specials page can be a time-consuming, pull-your-hair-out undertaking. Frankly, the work may not feel like it’s worth the effort. Some dealers don’t bother, assuming they’re too busy and that it’s too overwhelming a process.

There’s no doubt that credit reporting encourages on-time payments. It’s a double-edged motivator, since buyers will suffer negative marks in their credit file if they get behind, and will benefit from building credit when they pay as agreed. Between the two, I believe the appeal of rebuilding their credit is the most effective.

Listen, 40 percent of auto consumers who go to your website are there to see special offers. If they don’t find them, can’t click on them, find no offers that are relevant to them, or have to scroll through your entire inventory to find anything special, they are leaving your site and going to your competitors.

We analyze hundreds of dealership websites on a monthly basis. We see countless specials strategies that hit every branch while falling out of the ugly tree. Many share common threads:

  • No “Specials” tab on the homepage navigation bar
  • Hard-to-find or non–centrally located Specials tab
  • Specials tab links to EMPTY specials pages
  • Out-of-date or out-of-inventory specials
  • No details or pricing on specials detail pages
  • No calls to action on specials detail pages
  • Forms that require more than three or four required fields
  • Too many specials, or a Specials tab that links to entire inventory and requires search functionality
  • Coupons or pop-ups that are intrusive and disrupt the shopping experience
  • Coupons or specials that have no relevance to the shopper’s wants or needs

Good website vendors understand that specials maintenance is one of the more annoying aspects of content management for dealers. They dedicate tons of development into streamlining the process with automation and other tools. You should be leveraging your existing inventory tools to merchandise your specials.

Your specials pages take up prime real estate. Don’t fill them with ugly! There are ways to enhance the customer experience and sell more cars.

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