Fully Integrated Digital Retailing Solution

Build Unparalleled Trust With Precise Price

A growing number of consumers want to complete a significant portion of their car purchase online. Precise Price by DealerSocket gives them the power to build their own deal from home or in-store.

Precise Price is fully integrated with DealerSocket CRM so you can easily pick up where the customer left off at home when he or she arrives on your lot.

Save your customer and your sales team time while increasing transparency during the car buying process. Upgrade your website to start more transactions today.

Works across multiple devices.

The Precise Price Advantage


By integrating into a desking system, Precise Price allows consumers to get the exact same price at home as they would in the dealership — no guesses or estimates.


Gone are the days that dealerships need to desk deals from scratch. With Precise Price, consumer action on your website is synced in real time with DealerSocket Desking so that you have all their data. When the customer walks through the door, his or her deal is ready to send to your DMS, saving you and your customer valuable time.


Precise Price eliminates presumptuous CTAs that come standard with other solutions. In order for a customer to be excited about a deal, they want to know the actual price first. As your customer is walked through the process, his or her payment is updated based on input, resulting in more qualified leads when they submit their information. There are no intrusions and no requests for personal data until the customer is ready.


With an industry-first “Save & Finish Later” functionality that requires no account and no personal information, customers are able to pick up exactly where they left off on any device at any time. Team members can structure deals in-store to be sent to customers for revisions and completion from anywhere.

Works across multiple devices.


Ready to put the power of desking in your customer’s hands? Let’s make it happen.


You probably have a lot of questions about how Precise Price works, how it can benefit your dealership, and what it costs. We are happy to set up a demo to show you exactly what to expect. We are happy to answer your questions and show you the ropes. Call, email, chat, or fill out the form below, and we’ll get the easy and painless process started right away.

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