Case Study - ADP CRM to DS Terry Moore


"DMS companies don't have any business being in the CRM business."


Terry Moore, Internet Director for Reed–Lallier Chevrolet/Fayetteville Automarts has used DealerSocket CRM since July 2010. He made the move to DealerSocket from ADP Web CRM primarily because ADP did not work outside the dealership. "We could not log in from anywhere but the dealership and it did not integrate with the OEM. DMS companies don't have any business being in the CRM business."

Moore and his team have experienced very little downtime with DealerSocket, especially when compared to their previous CRMs: ADP and Reynolds. They have also experienced a 100% buy–in from salespeople, who prefer DealerSocket's minimal popup screens.

When asked his favorite aspect of using DealerSocket, Moore states the Manager's Dashboard and the Sales and Service Dashboards are especially helpful because "we were having a hard time holding our people accountable." Moore also enjoys the new releases and the way in which all "What's New" documents are archived. In addition, Moore listed MobileCRM and WebEx recordings every Tuesday and Thursday as favorites.

To ensure employees are properly using DealerSocket CRM, Moore emphasizes to his sales team that they cannot work a deal until it is in DealerSocket. Through the Daily Checkout, DealerSocket makes people accountable. In Moore's words, "We believe in the old DealerSocket training motto: "If it's not in DealerSocket, it didn't happen.'"

"We believe in the old DS training motto: "If it's not in DealerSocket, it didn't happen'."

Moore also enjoys Internet Lead Management, stating that "a new internet lead comes in and DS handles all the info." In addition, Moore says the Desking Tool helps them sell more cars and, "The CRM is our heart. The other DealerSocket products are what makes it beat."

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