automotive display marketing

Automotive Display Marketing

Remain top of mind and lead consumers to your showroom

  • Build Brand Awareness- Display campaigns are the perfect way to increase interactions with your brand effectively, while maintaining a relatively low cost. By building out custom creative and using strategic targeting techniques, you can motivate consumers to engage with your brand and the vehicles you have on your lot.

  • Get Car Buyers Back to Your Site- 96% of people visit a website without completing the actions we want them to take. Retargeting hand-raisers and open-minded car shoppers throughout the car shopping process is not only key to getting them back to your site, but the key to winning sales.

  • Reach New Shoppers- Car shoppers are using more resources than ever when searching for a vehicle. And most of those car shoppers are open to influence as they research. By utilizing other display techniques, you can reach more in-market auto shoppers and work them over to your brand.

The DealerSocket Automotive Display Marketing Advantage

dynamic display ads


Dynamic Display Ads- Your inventory is Google search, now let’s get it in front of car buyers as they browse the internet! Dynamic remarketing takes our normal remarketing a step further by letting you show previous visitors ads that contain vehicles and products they viewed on your site. With creative and compelling messages tailored to your audience, dynamic remarketing not only drives people back to your site where they started, but also helps you build engagement, leads, & sales.

customized display


Customized Display- Creativity and customization is what we strive for. Our designers and specialists work with you to create a 100% customizable display strategy that is tailored to your dealership needs, strategy, and and target audience. From Static ads to Gmail and HTML5 ads, we make an extra effort to coordinate and align marketing initiatives to make sure your creative not only stands out to your customers, but also above and beyond your competition.

advanced targeting

advanced targeting

Advanced Targeting- A lot of money can be wasted with display campaigns, mostly because of poor targeting options. And the majority of the time, dealers are are unaware. Advanced targeting with us really means strategic targeting, often spending majority of our time finding ways to layer data and optimize to get the best results. Along with with our customized creative, we utilize strategic targeting options from In-Market data to Google Analytics data and CRM data to help you show to your potential customers when it matters the most!