automotive search marketing

Automotive Search Marketing

The Key Battleground to Winning Sales starts with Search

  • Get Your Inventory Online- It’s not only important for your dealership to have a share of voice in organic results, but also very important to get your inventory on Google and in front of potential car buyers. While organic results can accomplish some aspects, the easy and more manageable way is with paid search.

  • Target Shoppers on Mobile- Mobile phones are nothing new, but how people of all demographics use them is rapidly changing. When it comes to car buying and researching for vehicles, mobile is at the forefront. Not only does it start with mobile, but shopping moments on mobile are occurring throughout the purchase journey. Want a quick way to win those moments? You’re on the right page.

  • Attract New Buyers- Vehicle shopping and car research queries on Google continue to rise. And for most, Google Search is the first place they look when researching. In fact, most people researching (70%+), are unsure on the type of vehicle they want when they start out. How does that help you? By utilizing paid search, you can get in front of new buyers while they cross shop for brands!

  • Beat Your Competition - Everyone wants the secret sauce to beating out their competition, but doing it effectively and strategically is the hard part. But who says it has to be hard? By creatively advertising your inventory and your brand on search, you can find ways to give your dealership that edge over your competition, and reach car buyers when it matters the most.

The DealerSocket Automotive Paid Search Marketing Advantage

Dynamic Inventory Ads


Dynamic Inventory Ads- With our Dynamic Advertising platform, we tailor and build ad creative on your actual real-time inventory. Our dynamic platform goes above and beyond most traditional model ads by not only displaying relevant and stand out information (like pricing, stock levels, mpg, and more), but also by delivering creative to relevant landing pages, including VDP’s.

Customized Creative


Customized Creative- When was the last time you asked your marketing provider to customize your paid search? We truly lead by example in terms of incorporating client branding and showroom environment with all paid search ads.

Pro Management


Pro Management on Every Campaign- Certified, Knowledgeable, Customized and Fast. When it comes to fast response times, customized creative and great support, you won’t find a team that does it better. We’re goal oriented and results driven, and we happen to know a lot about SEM. Plus, we have the inside scoop with Google.

Transparent Reporting


Transparent Reporting- We believe in a lot of things, but accountability and transparency are two of the most important to us when it comes to reporting. Many other vendors often try and hide reporting and the transparency of the account---we don’t by any means. We give full access and ownership of all your SEM accounts, guaranteeing 100% transparency.