Specific Campaigns

  • Engine 5.5 layout has allowed for numerous unique customizations
  • (in the works)
  • Content marketing (only since June 2014)

About the Client

Brandon Ford is the only Automotive Dealership in the Orlando Region (virtually all of the Southeastern US), and one of only 22 dealers nationwide, to win Ford's Presidents Award 12 years in a row. Brandon Ford also carries up to 10 times the amount of inventory found at other Florida dealers, and one of the largest inventories in the nation. Brandon Ford's low pricing philosophy and massive selection have helped them become recognized by Ford Motor Company as the #1 Volume Ford dealer in the entire Southeastern United States. Plus, big screen TV's, WiFi, indoor and outdoor play areas are just a few amenities that make Brandon Ford a cut above the rest.

How does client stand-out?

Brandon Ford is the largest volume Ford dealer in the Southeast United States. They have a great history of web traffic, including 300,000 page views per month, 22,000 of those users being unique. They also have a high number of pages viewed per visit (9), with each user averaging over 6 minutes per visit. Over half their web traffic is new visits. Their site has a great visual appeal, with bright colors and big buttons, a unique VDP layout, and a good emphasis on customer reviews.

How they make us better...

A thorough QA of our work makes for near-perfect final products. Their unique ideas, like Truck Finder, give us an awesome tool to showcase in our own portfolio. Massive traffic to their site allows us to get more data on changes we implement.

The Breakdown

The look and feel of the original that launched over a year ago is a fading memory. DealerFire and Brandon Ford have worked together on several sweeping changes and enhancements like the reviews module, tabbed VDPs, site speed, additional and refined calls-to-action, and much more. All of these have improved user engagement and increased lead conversion.

Looking Forward

The entire automotive industry is going to be in for a real treat when the new responsive is unveiled. With Tom Murray at the steering wheel, there is no doubt that only the best of DealerFire's technology will be on display.

Other Recommendations for Future:

Responsive Brandon Ford will soon have a new responsive website, and one can be sure that it will be a cut above the rest. Tom's unique ideas and strong project management has guided the DealerFire team to do some very impressive things to the former '5.5' platform. Certainly that same expertise and cutting-edge mindset will result in a responsive website from DealerFire that will turn heads, push the envelope, and sell some cars!

Social Brandon Ford already enjoys strong presence and engagement on Facebook. DealerFire recommends investing in product giveaways to expand Brandon Ford's social presence on Twitter and to tap into its current Facebook fans' social graphs.

SEM Remarkably, Brandon Ford is able to grab between 35 and 40k visits per month without using ANY paid search. Over 90% of traffic comes from organic search and direct traffic. There lies great opportunity to better capture low-funnel car buyers using the new Dynamic Pay Per Click engine.

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