DealerSocket Equity Mining Is Now
GM iMR-Approved

We are happy to announce that Revenue Radar, DealerSocket’s powerful equity-mining tool, is now a GM iMR-approved turnkey product.

Did You Know?
The top GM dealers leveraging Revenue Radar average $2,800 per vehicle gross.

There are an estimated 3.1 million GM vehicles in an equity position today.

You do the math.

Advantage: You
Market to your customers before the competition. Part of the industry’s most powerful integrated technology platform, Revenue Radar identifies the best sales and service leads from your customer database at the most opportune time. These opportunities lead to more sold vehicles, more closed ROs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Let’s Get Started
With co-op funding through the GM iMR program, now is the best time ever to try Revenue Radar. Start shifting your dealership from price-focused marketing to customer-driven marketing today.