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Google AdWords Message Extensions

At DealerSocket, our dealers are constantly striving to be on top of the hill when it comes to competitive advantages. For those who have taken advantage of our digital advertising options, we are pleased to announce that message extensions are now out of beta and available free of charge!

What are message extensions, and why are they so important?

Message extensions are click-to-message ads that bring the efficiency and effectiveness of messaging to search ads. This free enhancement provides potential customers with an opportunity to get in direct contact with a member of your team by sending a text message. With more than 50 percent of all Google searches originating from mobile devices (google.com), consumers will be provided the opportunity to immediately get in contact with you in a no-pressure environment. Through messaging, you can enable valuable conversations by engaging your consumer through one of the most preferred methods of communication.

DealerSocket was provided the opportunity to test message extensions with a few of our clients. The results have been encouraging to our clients yielding over a 10 percent conversion rate. The layouts of the extensions integrate seamlessly with a professional layout. Message extensions offer the ability to create a call-to-action message that is customized to your dealership.

Google Ad Extensions Screen Shot

Requirements to Enable Message Extensions

As previously mentioned, message extensions are free to enable for all of our clients. In order to utilize this new feature, dealers will be required to provide a phone number that is readily accessible and have the ability to send/receive SMS text messages. Message extensions will only be enabled during hours that you specify. If you already have a digital marketing PPC account, contact DealerSocket’s DealerFire PPC Team at ppc@dealerfire.com or talk to your individual PPC specialist.

Want to learn more? Visit us at dealersocket.com or call 866.813.1429.

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