Inventory Merchandising Tool for Dealers

Make your vehicles stand out. Be on every customer’s shopping list.

Put more buyers on your website and in your showroom.

The Inventory+ merchandising and syndication engine includes industry-best photo management tools, the AutoInk description builder, and Chrome powered VIN explosion capabilities – all to help you increase looks, leads, and traffic.

Our photo management tools enable you to easily load, edit and reorder images. Our AutoInk automated description writer tool creates expressive and search result rich descriptions in seconds. Our VIN explosion tools ensure you have the most accurate information with data including true OEM colors, detailed vehicle-specific options, and packages.

On Mobile or Desktop, Inventory+ gets you where you need to be better and faster. Everyday.

Key Features and Benefits

Inventory health reporting

Always be on top of your inventory by quickly reviewing your photos, pricing, aging, and description statuses.

Lot Services photography

Image is everything. When it comes to displaying your inventory, Inventory+ experts photograph your vehicles to get the most attention from potential buyers.

ProShots background photo overlays

It’s show time. Your used car inventory is the star. ProShots applies background images to your vehicles giving you photo studio quality images.

AutoInk description writer

AutoInk creates rich, deep, unique SEO-intuitive descriptors, giving your vehicles color and attention-grabbing professional listings.

Get the most out of your eBay listings

Access to our industry’s only professional ebay specialists—the people responsible for making Inventory+ become ebay’s largest auto seller in the world.

Managed Craigslist listings

Craigslist listings help you gain the most opportunities for quality leads in your geographic region.

"Connect the dots to get the bigger picture, and you'll see how valuable listing on eBay is to your overall Internet sales because of the exposure you get on search engines like Google."

− Chris Slaydon, Vernon Auto Group

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