DealerSocket to debut series of real-time integrations designed to unify user experience across product platform

February 5, 2021

Unified and seamless data flow among DealerSocket’s Auto/Mate DMS, CRM, and Inventory+ solutions deliver a deeply integrated user experience for improved accuracy, efficiency, and productivity

DALLAS, February 8, 2021 — DealerSocket, Inc., a leading SaaS provider to the automotive industry, took another step toward unifying its Auto/Mate DMS, CRM, and Inventory+ products with today’s release of a series of real-time integrations. Designed to improve accuracy by eliminating data rekeying and streamlining the submission of inventory, deal, and customer data into the DMS, these new, seamless integrations deliver a deeply connected experience for users across DealerSocket’s products.

The integrations are the result of significant investments DealerSocket directed toward streamlining workflows between its Auto/Mate DMS, CRM, and Inventory+ solutions to help dealers reduce transaction times, improve CSI and deal profitability, and further optimize their inventory strategies in what’s expected to be another strong year for the used-vehicle market.

“Our focus since acquiring Auto/Mate last year is on unifying our entire platform, so our solutions interact in a very unique way that blurs the lines of where one product stops and the next product starts,” said DealerSocket Chief Product and Technology Officer Alok Tyagi. “We now launch into NADA 2021 as a unified solution for all dealers in terms of data flow, our ability to serve as the digital backbone of a connected dealership, the way we can improve productivity through frictionless workflows, and how we guide the customer journey from online to the showroom. This unified experience also extends to how we service and support our customers.”

Working with customers, DealerSocket identified key data points users wanted shared between DealerSocket’s CRM and Auto/Mate DMS products, including customer details such as contact information and communication preferences. This contact integration also auto-syncs each time a customer record is saved, so a change made to a customer’s phone number in service through Auto/Mate’s DMS is immediately reflected in the CRM as well.

Not having to confirm customer emails, phone numbers, and addresses in two systems had an immediate impact on time spent preparing sales and service campaigns for Jim Sigel Automotive, which utilizes both DealerSocket’s Auto/Mate DMS and CRM solutions. Jessie Sigel-Dean, the group’s CRM coordinator, estimated she now saves anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes a day on her customer outreach efforts.

“This seamless, real-time integration has been super helpful in keeping customer information up to date without having to go into two systems. That’s huge for the service department, where having up-to-date phone numbers is essential,” Sigel said. “We’ve been with Auto/Mate for eight years and on DealerSocket’s CRM for six years, and we were super excited about the two companies coming together. Based on what we’ve experienced so far, we’re really excited to see DealerSocket take this integration even further. It’s already made my life easier.”

Like the CRM, key data points for managing inventory were identified for the real-time integration between DealerSocket’s Auto/Mate DMS and Inventory+, including retail price, advertised price, mileage, and certified and title flag. The result is reduced double entry, increasing the accuracy of the data shared between the two solutions by removing the opportunity for human error.

DealerSocket will also demonstrate during the 2021 Virtual NADA Show a key integration that will unlock critical new features and functionality slated for 2021. Dubbed Unified Users, the integration allows for a single sign-on experience across DealerSocket’s entire platform of integrated solutions.

“Unified Users represents a crucial part of DealerSocket’s infrastructure capability, enabling new admin controls so administrators at a dealership or across a dealer group can change access rights or disable users across the platform,” Tyagi said. “It also means enterprise analytics that allows dealers to access data from multiple solutions on a single screen across our products, which then unlocks other capabilities like applying machine learning to those analytics to make the data and insights more predictive.”

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