Mobile Inventory Management

Appraise, Price and Merchandise. Anytime. Anywhere.

Experience the power of mobile Inventory management.

Inventory+ Mobile has become the industry’s most powerful mobile tool for inventory management. Inventory+ Mobile, for iPhone and now for Android devices, helps you manage a vehicle’s lifecycle from acquisition to disposition. Powered by TrueTarget and TrueScore data and analytics, you now have full control of your inventory right from the palm of your hand.

Key Features and Benefits

Scan it. Shoot it. Stock it.

Enjoy faster time to market with the ability to merchandise and syndicate a vehicle during the appraisal process. Use Inventory+ Mobile to scan a vehicle barcode or QR code and instantly capture the VIN. As you click away, images are loaded instantly to the vehicle record. Press “add to inventory” and syndicate your vehicle to your website and all third party advertising partners. Stocking a vehicle couldn’t be easier.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Use the transactional data of TrueScore to know if the vehicle is the right one at the right time for your dealership. TrueScore analytics identify buy, sell, caution, and market performing vehicles to allow you to make better stocking decisions. Then, leverage the live market analytics of TrueTarget to know how to properly price to market. Access to book values and pricing analytics specific to your market and transactional history allow you to price it right the first time. Even review sales metrics and the health of your inventory at a glance to help you in making the right decisions.

Merchandise from Your Fingertips

Merchandising OEM colors, packages, and options are automatically captured during the appraisal process, freeing you from having to enter this by hand. Plus, you can use our integrated AutoInk description writer to create accurate SEO rich content and fill-in the gaps for off-brand vehicles that might not be common or familiar. Add, move or delete photos with a swipe or tap.

Move the Metal

Time to move on? Inventory+ Mobile also allows you to push wholesale or aged inventory directly to auction with our Multiplatform Listing tool. Or trade amongst various groups. GroupTrade, Social Trade, and Open Trade can be great sources for acquisition as well as disposition of inventory.

"I take my phone with me to every auction to access Inventory+ Mobile. I just scan the VIN number and everything comes right up and ready to go. I have access to the live market data and wholesale book values, so I know about how much profit I can make off of that car. Right there. And I can do it all while the car's running through the line and I'm walking along side it, in a matter of seconds.""

Glen Dakan, Pure Pursuit Automotive

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